The world-renowned Danish cross stitch firm known as Haandarbejdets Fremme or The Danish Handcraft Guild has been creating counted cross stitch designs and making cross stitch kits for over 70 years. It was first established in 1928, as a national association for preserving the best of traditional Danish embroidery and for promoting innovations in design, technique and application. They still aim to represent the very best of cross stitch embroidery, priding themselves both on the quality of their materials and the excellence and good taste of their designs.

All of the beautiful designs are worked on the choicest evenweave linens using the original Danish Flower Thread, a 100% pure cotton unmatched for its soft natural colours, its pleasing matte finish, and its ease of use, whether with single or double threads. The high quality materials ensure the attractive naturalistic appearance and the durability of the finished embroidery.

All The Danish Handcraft Guild's patterns are designed for Danish Flower Thread. The designs in their astonishing range and variety are the work of a number of highly talented Danish artists and designers over the years, including Gerda Bengtsson, Ida Winckler, Mads Stage, and even Queen Margrethe of Denmark herself.

I can supply the whole range of Haandarbejdets Fremme's or Danish Handcraft Guild's kits, of which there are over five hundred illustrated in the current catalogues. The kits include wall hangings, samplers, table cloths, table runners, bell pulls, chair covers, cushions, advent calendars as well as book covers, bookmarks, handbags and Christmas tree mats. I also stock both bleached and unbleached pure linen in various counts, the full range of colours of Danish Flower Thread, and many books. Welcome to the best of Danish cross stitch embroidery! You will not be disappointed.